8th December 2018

4 Ways To Improve Your Time Management At Work

When you learn to maximize your work day by learning how to optimize your time, you’ll find that you manage your projects better, produce better quality work, and decrease your stress levels.  Rather than spending your day procrastinating, stressing, and making up excuses, you’ll have more free time and less overall anxiety.

Learning how to manage your time is like building a muscle.  It takes time and commitment, but after consistent efforts on your part, you’ll eventually get to the level that you want to get to.

Here are some of the best ways to get started if you’re ready to improve your time management during your workday.

Make Lists

A lot of people assume they know what they have to get done without having to write it down.  Unfortunately, this is how things fall through the cracks. As a result, you may find yourself scrambling to get things done at the end of the day tearing your hair out from stress.

Now imagine if you had a list to look at.  Having a list that you check off as you go as well as setting reminders for them in your phone can have an incredible impact on your productivity.  

Having a list gives you the motivation to get it all done.  Looking at a list of 10 things you needed to get done today and only completed 2, forces you to be accountable.

Create Strict Deadlines

Deadlines are there to be respected.  There’s no use in setting deadlines for yourself if you’re just going to change them later.  Set a goal for when you want to complete something and do your best to make it happen.

You may want to consider setting your deadline for a few days before the actual time it should be done — that way you give yourself leeway for obstacles and challenges which could arise.

No more Multitasking

A lot of people think that the more they do at once, the more they’re accomplishing.  However, there is more than enough proof to show that doing more than one thing at once does not ensure efficiency.

When your attention is dedicated to one project at one time you’re more likely to produce better work, and will lose less time having to go back and retrace your steps.

Use Your Off Time To Get Thing Done

Making use of your downtime can be an excellent tool for getting a few things checked off before you even walk into the office.  Waiting in the lobby of the doctor’s office? Take a minute to catch up on scheduling. Waiting in traffic?  Make a call on your hands-free and get it done.

It’s all about effectively using your time on prioritizing tasks.

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