8th December 2018

Build A Successful Business Website For Your Small Business

You won’t find an exact formula for a winning web design anywhere online, but there are a few tactics which have been proven tried and true for many who have come before you.  If you have no prior knowledge of web design, don’t worry. The job is not an insurmountable task.

Take some time now to begin your journey to web design enlightenment, and read through this brief overview.  The text will highlight some of the most critical design elements of a successful business website. Take notes, and consider your creative vision for your new business website.  

Design for ease of navigation

A website without navigation just isn’t a website.  Visitors need a simple way to move through and explore the full extent of your digital content.  

Traditionally, a stationary navigation bar is clean and simple enough to fit any site design.  With a clearcut navigation layout, visitors will have no trouble at all finding their way in and out of the many pages of your site.  

Always add a business blog

Adding a “Blog” section to your business website is a great way to boost your digital exposure.  When people have interesting and engaging content to sift through, they will spend more time checking out what your business has to offer.  

Spend time building a well-written collection of blog posts.  Make sure your content is rich and mix up your media presentation.  Like this social media marketing blog displays, add quality images, videos, and even a quick opinion poll to keep readers engaged.  

Pay attention to social media

Social media is on fire in today’s culture, and you want your business to have a piece of the action.  Equip your business website with social media sharing buttons, and give your visitors the opportunity to link your content to the infinite web of social media.  

Make sure to add your social media sharing buttons in strategic locations within the design of your website.  Your homepage, contact page, and every blog post are all great spots for the easily recognizable icons.

Design for mobile access

Mobile web access can no longer be ignored by site designers.  Mobile access to the internet accounts for more than half the traffic on the web every day.  There’s no way you can ignore such a large digital population.

Start your mobile optimization by adding media queries to your design coding.  Media queries give your website the ability to adjust to the many different screen sizes used by various mobile devices, so your viewers won’t have to pinch and swipe so often.  

Learn the ins and outs of SEO

If you’re not familiar with the concepts of search engine optimization, then you need to do so before you ever begin building your site.  SEO is the key to visibility online.

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