18th January 2019

Business Website Design Tips To Draw Visitors

If you seem to be having trouble drawing views on your new business website, there’s hope.  Your design may just need a few simple tweaks to boost its effectivity. The best tool against a slow-moving digital presence is research and a proactive attitude.

Start making the right moves with your business website design, and dig into some helpful information.  Read through this brief overview, featuring a few distinct website design features that will help make your business website more effective.

Use social media to get the word out

If you know anything about the internet, then you know the popularity of social media isn’t something you can afford to ignore.  You need to find a way to get your brand out into the infinite web weaved on the various social media platforms available, and continuously work to keep followers engaged in your cause.  

Start the connection by adding social media sharing links to the design of your business website.  Your homepage, contact page, and other hotspots throughout your design are excellent spots to add the familiar sharing icons.  

Maintain an active flow of communication

Communication is vital to your success in every arena of business, especially when it comes to your digital presence.  Your business website is your online hub for growth and communication. This workers’ compensation firm in Durham designed their business website to present visitors with options for communication as soon as they land.

Add more than the standard “Contact Us” page to your design to effectively open the doors of communication with your audience.  Learn to master the art of crafting a well-placed call to action, and you’ll learn to be more effective at designing for engagement.  

Learn and integrate the concepts of SEO

If your business website wasn’t built on the foundation of proper SEO (search engine optimization) practices, then you’re selling yourself short.  Search engine optimization is designed to make digital content more visible to web users searching like terms.

Once you take the time to dig into the concepts of SEO, you will have a more thorough knowledge of what Google’s search algorithm is really seeing when scanning the content of your business website.  SEO is the power of knowledge in action.

Optimize your design for mobile access

Mobile users dominate the population of today’s internet, and the trend will only swing more heavily towards mobile users in the future.  It makes sense that all of your digital content would fair better if it is optimized for mobile access.  

Start the process of optimizing your business website by adding media queries to your coding.  Media queries will set your website up to adjust properly to the needs of various mobile devices.  

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