2nd November 2018

Business Management Tips For Your First Day

Heading into a position of management can make you feel a bit pressured to perform, but there’s no need to fear.  As long as you adequately prepare yourself for the role, you’ll have no trouble navigating the proverbial waters of business management.   […]

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10th October 2018

Exploring LCD Business Tactics

To clear things up from the get-go, LCD stands for Lowest Common Denominator in this particular instance and principles to be explored would then naturally be applied across the board as far as business practices go. We’ll get right into the meat of the matter in a bit, but first it’s perhaps imperative to paint […]

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17th July 2018

Getting into the Business of Professional Sport

Although it would naturally help a lot, you don’t need to be super financially endowed like those rich football club owners to get into the business of sport, although it must perhaps be said that for these guys it’s not really about making money with these businesses of theirs. For them it’s more like a […]

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5th June 2018

Book Review – Unscripted by DJ De Marco

I must be honest and say that had it not been for a recommendation by a friend I wouldn’t have read this book. In fact my friend who had picked up on my very low morale through my social media posts actually inboxed me the summary of the audio book version of the title, which […]

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15th May 2018

The Ultimate Affiliate Selling Strategy

If you follow this affiliate marketing/selling strategy to the tee and you replicate it over a couple to a few (to many) topics then I would be surprised if you didn’t realise any success at all. In fact, I actually expect of you to make some good success out of it. Don’t let anyone tell […]

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20th April 2018

Why Advertising is the Best Industry to Get Into

You’ve probably heard hundreds of times that in this day and age what is perhaps the easiest business to get into would be one which you’d run online and that’s true but that’s not the whole picture. It’s the type of online business to get into which will have you coming away with a resounding […]

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10th April 2018

Is it Worth Getting into Cryptocurrencies?

By now you should probably know exactly what cryptocurrencies are, or at the very least you should have a good idea, but either way the burning question is perhaps that of whether or not it’s worth getting into this space. There can be very little debate about the fact that Bitcoin is leading the way […]

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1st April 2018

Open Source Software Solutions for Your Business

Mostly as a result of the fact that it’s become better to pretty much completely outsource your business’ IT solutions as a result of them needing to be of a specialised nature, in this day and age if yours isn’t an IT business then there’s ordinarily no need to house full time IT staff on […]

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20th March 2018

The Business of Software Development

The more things change, the more they stay the same. While that is indeed a cliché, it’s one that rings true when it comes to the world of software development. It might seem like a rather counterproductive way of looking at things, but it really isn’t. Take a closer look and you’ll realise that it’s […]

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20th February 2018

What They Teach at Business School

I’m going to come right out with it and ruffle a few feathers here in saying that if you approach your patronage of formally attending business school in the manner intended by the establishment then you may as well be enrolling to study any other degree course. You’re taking the “business” out of it all […]

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