1st January 2018

Free Skills You Can Learn Online and Monetise

You should probably know by now that in order for you to successfully make money online, Googling “How to make money online” is not the way to go about it. You’ll inevitably get led on an endless merry-go-round which will have you doing nothing but spending your money on products, services, systems, webinars, training programmes, e-books, courses, etc, which over-promise and under-deliver.

In fact, many of these are downright deceitful, making for a clever play on words which will have you realising that you’ve been conned out of your hard-earned money when it’s too late.

If you want to get value out of the World Wide Web then you need to stay true to its originally intended purpose, which is to allow everybody who can get online free access to that information which is made available for free. Forget everything else – tools, utilities and specialised knowledge each make for an iteration of information, so that’s okay as well. In fact, that’s exactly where you should look if you want to learn some skills which are freely available which you can then deploy to generate an income.

Coding (programming)

At worst you’ll be able to find a job with your coding skills, even if you don’t necessarily have any kind of formal qualification which attests to your newly-acquired coding skills. In the professional development world it’s about demonstrating what you can do practically, so as part of your journey to learn how to code you could perhaps build up a portfolio of “real” projects potential employers can make reference to when they want to see what you can do.

Of course the ideal situation after you’ve developed some competence in coding (the learning never really stops) would be that of working on some of your own projects which then generate an income for you, ideally a passive income.

Otherwise you’ll definitely come in for some distractions to perhaps upgrade the manner in which you’re learning how to code online and rather go with paid offers like e-books, membership sites, etc. Stay strong and stick with the free learning channels available – there are plenty of them.

Digital media & content creation

Learn how to edit videos, manipulate sound, create content (copywriting) etc. All of these digital media and content creation skills can be learned online for free, but again you’ll have to do some deep searching in many instances in order to find the free tutorials which are of the same quality as the paid learning material.

Learning a new language

There are many apps which can be downloaded as well in addition to the web based platforms which can help you learn a new language and yet again you’ll have to do some clever navigation to avoid having to upgrade to something like the premium service the language learning platforms offer. A bilingual person will always but always have plenty of opportunities to monetise their multi-lingual skills, whether you go the formal route of getting a translator job for example or if you create your own opportunity in that space.

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