6th March 2019

How To Avoid Money Arguments In Your Marriage

One of the biggest causes of upsets in marriages is disagreements about finances. Since getting married means combining your money together, the change can be tough to swallow for some.  

Ideally, you should go over details like how you view finances before you tie the knot.  It’s essential to ensure that you’re financially compatible before you take vows to stay together forever.  

Even if you have the same attitudes towards money, there will be moments when you disagree on finances.  However, there are ways to find a compromise and make it work. Here are some of the best tips for resolving money conflicts or avoiding them altogether.

Be a Good Listener

There will be moments when you have financial hardships.  You may have exceeded your budget or may have had recent unexpected expenses.  Your spouse may feel that you should use your savings to resolve the problem, while you think it’s more appropriate to take out a personal loan.

Even though you may vehemently feel that your solution is the best, it’s important to hear them out.  Ask them what their reasoning is, and make a fair counter-argument.

Take a look at the pro’s and con’s together, and try to reach an agreement based on being a team.  Overpowering the other without hearing them out will only lead to distance in the relationship.

Agree On Large Purchases

Making a large purchase without asking what your spouse thinks first is an invitation for disaster.  They may feel betrayed or disrespected.  Until you both agree on making a purchase, you shouldn’t make it on your own.

The idea is building a life together where you depend on each other to make major decisions.  Consulting with each other is crucial in order to maintain trust in a relationship.

Set Common Goals

In order to stay on the same page, it’s important to have the same goals in common.  When you have the same vision in mind, then you can reach your goals faster.

This doesn’t only apply to your finances.  If you both have your eye on different destinations, then eventually you’ll end up in two different places.  The idea is to walk the path of life together headed in the same direction.

Find a System That Works For You

Once you’ve agreed on how you should be spending your money, it’s important to find a system to remain accountable.  In order to reach your saving goals, you should have a program set in place which helps you both stay on track.

Perhaps it’s keeping a spreadsheet together, or having a weekly meeting.  The key factor should be staying accountable together as a team. Without finding a system that you both work well with, you’ll eventually lose sight of your common goals.

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