25th January 2019

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Employees

Many managers have unrealistic expectations of their employees. They think it’s as simple as asking them to do something and they’ll get a perfectly executed job on their desk by the next morning.

However, giving orders isn’t enough to get the best performance out of your employees.  In order to motivate your employees to give you the very best they’ve got rather than the bare minimum, you need to know the right way to lead and inspire.

So how do you go about doing it?  Here are the best tips for getting the best quality work and attitude out of your team.

Give Thorough Training

As a busy manager, you may want things to move as quickly as possible.  Your incoming orders are moving at lightning speed so why shouldn’t your employees be too?

Unfortunately, rushing through the training process and skimming over important details will only cost you more in the end.  Train your staff so that they are up to speed with all of the latest methods, systems, and forms of communication.  It costs an investment of course, but the payoff of having an excellent team under your belt is worth its weight in gold.

Hire Experts

When you’re going through the interview process, you should be incredibly selective.  You want someone who is a master of their field and quite possibly even better than you.

Be sure to ask all the right questions and take the time to delve into their level of understanding in the field of work.  The more selective you are about who you want representing your company, the better results you’ll yield out of your team.

Be Fair

One of the easiest ways to turn your employees against you is by favoritism and nepotism.  Always judge fairly based off of the quality of work. Give everyone the same opportunity for growth depending on performance, reward positive behavior and work, and give everyone the same schedule treatment.

Employees like to know that there is equal opportunity for success for everyone based on how hard they work.

Give Feedback

Employees want to know when they’re doing a good job.  Too many employers only take the time to provide feedback when its negative! However, it’s incredibly important to pull your staff aside to let them know not just when they’ve done something wrong but also every time that they’ve done something right!  They’ll be much more inspired to keep delivering the same quality of work.

Humans are naturally sensitive to criticism and crave recognition for a job well done. Always be sure to balance compliments with negative feedback, or you’ll soon have a bunch of disgruntled employees on your hands.

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