20th January 2018

Is the Internet Marketing Niche Saturated?

It’s probably going through yet another transition to keep re-inventing itself as the beast that will seemingly just never die, but the most recent reference to the Make Money Online (MMO) niche was indeed that of Internet Marketing (IM). Basically it’s a business model which is built on selling people opportunities, tools etc, which they can supposedly use to generate an income online.


By the time anyone buys into any products, opportunities and services which form part of the IM niche it’s probably too late to extract any kind of value out of them. It’s like a Ponzi scheme which keeps reinventing itself, or a losing battle fought in the name of Multi-Level Marketing.

The unfortunate truth though is that the IM niche is not saturated and will perhaps never be. I say unfortunate because it’s a perpetuation of a long-term game of deceit in which there is only one class of winners, which are those people who are at the top of what always reveals itself to be a pyramid structure. For those particular people there’s nothing unfortunate about it because they’ll keep reinventing the game and spearheading the next direction into which it is to be taken.

They will come up with the newest terms which just have a knack for catching on like a wild fire, brandish these about and the suckers underneath them will do nothing but make them richer than what they already are. So it’s a matter of getting in early, but you’d have to question your ethics and morality perhaps because all it appears to be is a perpetual iteration of a con game.

Make money by creating products and services about making money online and sell those products and services as the means through which to make money online instead of actually applying the principles of the methods you supposedly teach as part of those products and services sold.

All’s not lost however – you don’t have to go on over to the dark side in order to make a success out of the IM industry, which suggests that it’s not indeed saturated.

There will always be Internet Marketers in existence, although the term they use in reference to themselves and what they do will likely go through a few more changes in the foreseeable future, so that means that there’s a market you can service. These Internet Marketers need certain tools in order to keep what is mostly a racket going, but there are indeed online entrepreneurs who are legit and sell products and services which have them sleeping soundly at night with no guilt.

You need to become one of these kinds of online entrepreneurs if you want to get your slice of what is indeed a very lucrative market. So basically you’ll need to sell tools such as the mailing systems Internet Marketers use, data storage accounts, marketing strategies and other content, etc.

As you’ll know you don’t have to be the one creating those products and services and you can rather sell them as an affiliate who earns some great commissions as a result.

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