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5 Things To Do After Receiving A Large Amount Of Money

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What’s In a Budget? Tips and Tricks To Help Keep You Organized

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Money Saving Tips

3 Tips To Help Make You Better At Budgeting Your Money

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How To Create A Killer Website: Tips For Beginners

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Main Reasons Why Investing In Life Insurance Is A Good Idea.

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4 Ways To Improve Your Cash Flow Situation

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20th June 2018

Exploring So-Called Uncle Economics

The topic has been discussed to death but my touching on it just one more time is only so that I can add my two cents worth in its emphasis, that being just how the solution to many socio-economic problems resides in the simple resolution for all of us to come together in an attempt

5th June 2018

Book Review – Unscripted by DJ De Marco

I must be honest and say that had it not been for a recommendation by a friend I wouldn’t have read this book. In fact my friend who had picked up on my very low morale through my social media posts actually inboxed me the summary of the audio book version of the title, which

15th May 2018

The Ultimate Affiliate Selling Strategy

If you follow this affiliate marketing/selling strategy to the tee and you replicate it over a couple to a few (to many) topics then I would be surprised if you didn’t realise any success at all. In fact, I actually expect of you to make some good success out of it. Don’t let anyone tell

1st May 2018

Planning Your Early Retirement

It’s perhaps a dream that everybody has, that of being able to officially take up retirement early and not have to work a single day further in their lives. It’s possible and all it takes is proper planning, but by no means is it easy. In fact, although it is indeed possible it is indeed

20th April 2018

Why Advertising is the Best Industry to Get Into

You’ve probably heard hundreds of times that in this day and age what is perhaps the easiest business to get into would be one which you’d run online and that’s true but that’s not the whole picture. It’s the type of online business to get into which will have you coming away with a resounding

10th April 2018

Is it Worth Getting into Cryptocurrencies?

By now you should probably know exactly what cryptocurrencies are, or at the very least you should have a good idea, but either way the burning question is perhaps that of whether or not it’s worth getting into this space. There can be very little debate about the fact that Bitcoin is leading the way

1st April 2018

Open Source Software Solutions for Your Business

Mostly as a result of the fact that it’s become better to pretty much completely outsource your business’ IT solutions as a result of them needing to be of a specialised nature, in this day and age if yours isn’t an IT business then there’s ordinarily no need to house full time IT staff on

20th March 2018

The Business of Software Development

The more things change, the more they stay the same. While that is indeed a cliché, it’s one that rings true when it comes to the world of software development. It might seem like a rather counterproductive way of looking at things, but it really isn’t. Take a closer look and you’ll realise that it’s

28th February 2018

The Essential Debt-Escape Plan

If you’ve read one debt-avoidance or debt-escape plan you’ve pretty much read them all and for the most part it’s a motivational thing. It’s about your mindset – it’s about getting into debt-annihilation mode and then there’s the small matter of taking some actionable steps to reduce your debt.

20th February 2018

What They Teach at Business School

I’m going to come right out with it and ruffle a few feathers here in saying that if you approach your patronage of formally attending business school in the manner intended by the establishment then you may as well be enrolling to study any other degree course. You’re taking the “business” out of it all