15th May 2018

The Ultimate Affiliate Selling Strategy

If you follow this affiliate marketing/selling strategy to the tee and you replicate it over a couple to a few (to many) topics then I would be surprised if you didn’t realise any success at all. In fact, I actually expect of you to make some good success out of it. Don’t let anyone tell you that affiliate marketing is saturated or completely dead.

The secret to winning at the affiliate marketing game, which undoubtedly has many competitors trying to outdo you, is to be as real as possible about how you market the products you market. Yes, you are in it for the commission and nobody should be under any illusions as far as that goes, but the less you focus on making the sales the better for you. You’ll find that that’s how you get the results many affiliate marketers can only dream of.

So by now we probably all know that affiliate marketing is free to get into, even though many of us have been duped perhaps once or a few times into buying some sort of training material which turns out to be a (bad) affiliate marketing strategy. No matter, that’s all part of the education I guess, and I guess it also sets you up for a much sweeter taste of success once you apply the ultimate affiliate marketing strategy.

The first place you have to look is at your previous experience with affiliate marketing, whether you’re just starting out and can perhaps only point to one or two campaigns or indeed if you’re a seasoned veteran who may or may not have had any success at all. If you’ve made one sale, something which is common amongst people who’ve tried their hand at affiliate marketing and gone on to quit the game, then think about that one sale. It was likely unexpected, wasn’t it?

That’s where the secret to success lies – you must not expressly focus on making sales, unless of course you’re very early into some hot new niche which is actually proving to sell. In other words simply generating your affiliate link and targeting it with Google Ads keywords or boosting its posting as a Facebook ad won’t cut it. You might make one or two sales – heck you might make a good few sales, but they’ll eventually dry up and these sales have a way of drying up right when you decide to pump more advertising dollars into them.

What you need to do is randomly research any topic or discuss one which you’re already knowledgeable or passionate about in great detail, giving real value to the reader and I’m talking real value here. Publish a post or something and pay no attention to the word count – the important thing is to address the topic in great detail and shine a spotlight on some problems readers face, whether they’re related to the topic or not.

What you then do is embed your affiliate links either as solutions to the problems raised or as solutions to problems which aren’t even related to the topic.

It works like a charm, but may take some time to reflect in your results, of course.

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